Engcom Presents Vinasse Transportation Tank

Brazilian company Engcom will introduce a tank designed for the faster, safer and more efficient transportation of vinasse at the Fenasucro trade fair on 21-24 August in Sertãozinho, São Paulo.

A clean and modern design is one of the main features of the tank, which was developed and patented by Engcom. Its droplet shape increases stability during transportation, as the centre of gravity is 235 mm lower than that of competitive products.

“This feature considerably reduces the vehicle’s risk of tipping over,” reports Arnaldo Gatto, Director of Engcom. “Thus, travel time is reduced, and the mill is not required to acquire several tanks to carry the same quantity of vinasse.”

Another improvement compared to products available in the market today is the weight: Engcom’s tank is 500 kg lighter. This reduces fuel consumption and tyre wear.

With a capacity of 18 m³ up to 36 m³, Engcom tanks can be coupled to trucks already used by the mills to carry vinasse.

Despite its lighter weight, the new tank also delivers higher mechanical strength, Engcom reports.

“We have selected cutting-edge materials such as multiaxial fabrics, which improve the absorption of stresses in different directions, and structural adhesives for joining internal parts, which combine greater strength and weight reduction,” says Gatto.

Engcom’s tank is capable of carrying concentrated vinasse, with a density of 1.4 kg/m³, exceeding the capacity of 1.05 kg/m³ of the product currently marketed in Brazil.

Engcom will license companies that have proven technical capacity to manufacture specialised composite equipment. The first to close a deal is UPR, located in Rio Claro (SP), which is completing the construction of the tank to be exhibited at Fenasucro.

Gatto expects to negotiate licenses for the production of approximately 50 vinasse transportation tanks at the fair.

“Our expectation is very encouraging, especially because the sugar and ethanol market has been quite open to the features of this new product,” he says.

Companies: Engcom

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