From mold manufacturing to hulls repairing, Dilutec´s gelcoats meet the shipyards requirements

Dilutec, a Brazilian gelcoat specialist, has developed a complete portfolio for the shipyards. From the manufacture of the mold of a boat to the small repairs of the hulls and decks, the company has products for all stages of the work.

From mold manufacturing to hulls repairing, Dilutec´s gelcoats meet the shipyards requirements

For the tooling, Colorgel Hard Shine gelcoat is a commonly used option for boat manufacturers. Available in green, orange and black colors, the product guarantees exceptional mechanical resistance and high temperatures.

“It is ideal for the production of tools that need excellent resistance to fatigue due to high utilization, as well as preservation of brightness and performance,” explains Marcos Brambilla, technical manager of Dilutec.

Regarding the lamination of hulls and decks, Colorgel Marine gelcoat stands out for the excellent coverage power and high compatibility with styrene, which implies a lower presence of this volatile organic compound in the formulation.

“That’s why its total emission level in the atmosphere is 6.7%, compared to 13.6% of traditional gelcoats. This also means that the shipyard achieves a mold transfer rate of over 90%, which drops to less than 80% when compared to a standard product.”

Finally, for small repairs, Dilutec produces the Colorgel Colorpatch Marine diluent. The product, used in combination with Colorgel ISO or ISO/NPG, has low viscosity, neutral coloration, fast curing cycle and excellent resistance to UV rays.

“Keeps the gloss on the laminate, prevents yellowing and considerably increases the retouching life.”

Besides making gelcoat and thinner, Dilutec is the distributor of BÜFAtec Spain equipment in Latin America, and the official distributor of Ashland resins in the Mid-West region of Brazil.

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