MultiMechanics releases MultiMech 18.1

Release includes brand-new GUI featuring pressure vessel optimization capabilities and an enhanced workflow with Ansys.

MultiMechanics releases MultiMech 18.1

MultiMechanics, a developer of multiscale material modeling and simulation software, announces the release of MultiMech 18.1. The new features added to MultiMech 18.1 will deliver improved ease-of-use, faster speed, and more simulation capabilities, including: 

  • Brand-new GUI, designed to declutter the workspace and make composite simulation more intuitive.
  • Tube and pressure vessel optimization feature, enabling engineers designing composite tubes and pressure vessels to predict and mitigate manufacturing-induced variations. 
  • Major Ansys extension workflow improvements, enabling Ansys Workbench users to automatically generate microstructures and enhance their structural simulations. 
  • Abaqus extension workflow improvements, enabling Abaqus users to easily perform dehomogenization for Abaqus/Explicit simulations. 
  • Multiscale analysis with temperature, enabling the solution of multiscale and multi-physics problems, including curing and processing of composite materials.
  • Automated time step refinement/coarsening, for a better user experience.
  • Simulation of fully anisotropic thermoviscoelastic material models, expanding our library of material models.
  • Improved speed, allowing engineers to accurately solve complex material challenges even faster. 

“MultiMech 18.1 contains a 7x speed-up in our solver, in addition to several new features that will expand the simulation capabilities of our users,” stated Dr. Flavio Souza, President and CTO of MultiMechanics. “This release truly reflects the significant progress we have made towards our three foundational pillars: accuracy, speed, and ease of use.” 

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