Application of basalt fiber based reinforcing materials for composites used in domestic shipbuilding: feasibility study

The article deals with the key issues concerning the methodology for introducing basalt fiber based reinforcing materials into the Russian shipbuilding industry.

The operational behavior of the composite vessel hull is investigated. A comparative analysis of the properties that glass and basalt reinforcing fibers offer was performed. It is described the determination method for the technical condition of composite vessel hulls during the operation by applying non-destructive testing methods.

The main activities that preceded the certification of basalt fiber according to the Rules of Domestic Classification Societies are described. The shipbuilding area, where it is feasible to use basalt fiber based composites, is determined.

M.E. Frantsev, Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council for Shipbuilding of Basalt Union NPO, candidate of technical sciences.

Companies: Basalt Union

Industries: Shipbuilding

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