Roctool signs its first commercial agreement in India with an automotive manufacturer

Roctool, a specialist in mold heating and cooling technologies for plastics and composites, announces its first commercial agreement in India with Varroc Polymers.

Varroc Group is an emerging global automotive component manufacturer and supplier of polymer part systems chassis parts, exterior lighting systems, powertrain parts and electrical-electronic systems to leading passenger car and motorcycle manufacturers worldwide.

As a part of this agreement, Varroc Polymers will have access to Roctool’s heat and cool technology for applications which require top surface quality and also gain support for their manufacturing needs. The main technology of Roctool is using induction heating of the mold to offer quality enhancement and other process advantages to manufacturers.

“We are excited to start this relationship with Varroc. India is a new market for us but we feel confident that working in close collaboration with a top-notch company like Varroc, we can efficiently grow the Roctool technology with Varroc for 2-wheeler and automotive applications in India” explains Mathieu Boulanger, CEO of Roctool.

Varroc is one of the largest Indian auto component manufacturer and 6th largest automotive lighting supplier in the world.

With this agreement, Roctool addresses the Indian market for the first time. The growth of Indian passenger vehicle (cars, utility vehicles and vans) market stood out among top volume markets globally in 2017. With a growth of more than nine per cent in sales to 2.98 million units in 20171, the Indian market represents a significant growth opportunity for Roctool.

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