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Chinese homegrown e-roadster Qiantu K50 goes on sale

Qiantu Motor’s first production model, the Qiantu K50, manufactured at its plant in Suzhou, has officially hit the market with a subsidized price of CNY 686,800 (US$ 100,300), available for booking on its official website.

The launch was celebrated with an e-roadster invitational at the Suzhou plant, where the model was delivered to its first customers. At the same time, Qiantu Motor celebrated its launch with a “K50 Cup” E-roadster Invitational on the makeshift racetrack at the Qiantu plant.

As NEV startups have mushroomed in China, Qiantu Motor has carved out a distinctive identity of its own by putting driving pleasure at the core and promising to bring a disruptive experience for both driver and passenger with the Qiantu K50.

“Everything we do at Qiantu, we do it to build a high-quality car for people who know cars,” said Lu Qun, chairman of Qiantu Motor, at the launch ceremony. “We expect our first product, the QIANTU K50, to stimulate people’s enthusiasm of driving, to infinitely magnify all the pleasure a car has to offer and provide a pleasurable experience that exceeds expectations every time it is used. It is a car that makes driving singular pleasure.”

With double wishbone front and rear suspension, a dual stabilizer structure, and a chassis calibrated by British vehicle-testing company Mira, the car offers superb handling and excellent stability at once, according to Lu Qun. To make handling even better for city use in particular, the Qiantu K50 is fitted with a dynamic torque vectoring system that provides near-perfect neutral steering so that the car can both accommodate fierce driving and adapt to complex urban traffic conditions.
The Qiantu K50 is an electric car that makes driving relaxing and anxiety-free. It boasts an outstanding lightweight construction with a body comprising an all-aluminum frame and carbon-fiber covered parts, all in new composite materials. The model is powered by a front and rear dual electric motor based all-wheel drive system that produces a maximum power of 320kW in the BOOST mode and gives a NEDC overall range of more than 380km, adequate for daily use. It deserves special mention that the Qiantu K50 features a rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) and an active liquid cooling and heating system to ensure normal use in the temperature range between -30°C and +55°C and unaffected battery range, in addition to a battery management system (BMS) that keeps battery capacity loss within 5% in five years.

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