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Jinggong Science & Technology unit graphitizes carbon fiber with microwaves

China’s Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and Yonghong Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. have jointly developed a 1MW carbon fiber microwave graphitization production line.

According to the results of large-volume full-load test, the conventional T300/T400 carbon wire passes through the production line microwave. After graphitization, the modulus and strength can be increased by 10%-15%, and the final product quality grade is above T700/T800. According to Jinggong Science & Technology, all technical indicators have reached the design requirements.

The production line mainly adopts microwave graphitization technology. Based on domestic ordinary carbon wire, it uses the direct coupling heating of microwave and carbon fiber to realize graphitization. The whole line has ultra-high heating rate, low system demand, remodeling carbon fiber structure and greatly improves carbon fiber performance. And other characteristics, according to the company, as microwave technology can improve the reaction speed, optimize the production efficiency of the whole line, and can greatly reduce the direct production costs, while providing users with differentiated customized carbon fiber products. The product can be widely used in aerospace, construction/wind power, pressure vessels, automobiles, fuel cells and other fields for high performance carbon fiber.

The successful development of this production line will further accelerate the industrialization and localization of domestic carbon fiber equipment, laying a solid foundation for low-cost, high-performance carbon fiber production. In the future, Jinggong Technology will actively promote the application of microwave graphitization technology in the conventional 1000-ton carbon fiber production line. The company will replace the high-temperature carbonization furnace with microwave graphitization furnace, further improving the quality of carbon fiber and reducing the energy consumption.

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