Uzbekistan issues a patent for basalt insulators

The manufacturing method for basalt insulators is patented by the scientists of the Navoi State Mining Institute.

The invention relates to electrotechnical production and can be used in the manufacture of current-carrying components with increased insulating capacity that are exposed to different voltage potential.

When designing the power system, special attention is given to the dielectric permittivity of materials and electrical equipment components.

These components include support and suspension insulators of different voltage potential. The basic material traditionally used to manufacture this kind of insulators is electrical ceramic porcelain.

Uzbekistan doesn’t produce electrical isolators at the present time, so this country has to purchase them abroad for the hard currency. If these dielectrics are produced from the traditional raw materials, the manufacturing process also entails problems associated with import of raw materials from abroad.

Therefore, high-quality electrotechnical materials produced from local raw materials attract great interest.

The research conducted by a group of scientists working at the Navoi Mining Institute proved that basalt, due to its physical, chemical properties and mineralogical composition, offers more positive indicators than ceramics, glass or plastic.

For instance, traditional electrical insulators of different voltage maintain functionality up to – 70 ° C, but basalt insulators – up to -270 ° C. Breakdown voltage of basalt insulators (one of the most important characteristics) considerably exceeds this parameter of porcelain insulators.

Basalt insulators are made by casting and further roasting. Their design corresponds to the traditional manufacturing methods for electrical insulators. During assembling the components of supporting basalt insulators, the cardboard pads are replaced with basalt pads.

In this case, basalt is a very promising material for manufacturing insulators of different voltage, its features include ease with each it is produced and processed, and melting at the temperatures lower than raw materials for porcelain production,

commented professor Abdirakhim Akhmedovich Kurbanov, the inventor.

Basalt dielectric properties have been highly estimated in the Altai, this fact resulted in establishing composite power towers production. Basalt dielectrics offer a number of benefits, including resistance to weather effect, low weight and increased insulating safety.


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