Basalt fiber tuning kits manufacturer became a resident of the Zhigulevskaya Valley technology center

LARTE Design, a manufacturer of exclusive basalt fiber tuning kits for premium auto brands became a resident of the largest technology center in the Samara region.

The united expert council for the industrial parks located in the territory of the Samara region highly ranked the project submitted by Als Tuning also known as LARTE Design brand, and awarded the status of a resident of the Zhigulevskaya Valley.

The unique design and flawless  body kits for premium cars is not the only thing that tuning studio can do for its customers.

All LARTE Design products comply the requirements of the international and European standards for safety and quality, as evidenced by the certificate issued by TÜV (Association of Technical Supervision), the German expert organization. And the products are also approved by the Federal Office for Motor Vehicles Regulation (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, KBA).

Being a resident, the company intends to keep working on the project focused on applying and implementing materials and technologies to create world class quality automobile body kits.

For their tuning kits, LARTE Design uses high-tech materials, so the finished products get lightweight but strong,

said a spokesperson in the Zhigulevskaya Valley.

LARTE Design uses basalt fabric BT-11/1, which is characterized by high chemical and thermal stability, carbon fiber, polyolefin film and nylon-based screen fabric.

LARTE Design headquarters operate in Russia, Germany and the USA, tuning kits are developed for Infiniti, Range Rover, Mercedes, Lexus, Tesla and Maserati.

The global automotive industry widely uses basalt fiber to produce brake pads, mufflers, car tire cord, thermal protection of various components and machines. In 2009, EDAG introduced a car concept based on basalt fiber bodywork.

Currently, a leading Chinese manufacturer of automobiles and spare parts considers basalt fiber to be a promising construction material and a priority in research and development.

Companies: LARTE Design, Tesla

Countries: Germany, Russia

Industries: Automotive, Construction

Terms: technology park

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