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LiteCem ARM – Automated Line for Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Rebars

GRIVAS company presents its new development – Line LiteCem ARM for producing fiberglass rebar.

Carrying out expert evaluations and updating business plans and feasibility studies of investment projects for the production of continuous basalt fiber, staple fiber and basalt composite products.

The line was designed and manufactured in 2017. In 2018, we carried out testing and commissioning works and fulfilled supplying to our first client.

High-tech line LiteCem ARM allows you to manufacture fiberglass, basalt rebar, and carbon fiber reinforced polymer rebar with various diameters – from 4 to 22 mm.

The line LiteCem ARM consists of the following units.
– Automated control panel to operate a line
– Roving creel for holding bobbins with an internal unwinding
– Unit for drying and impregnating a roving
– Unit for forming a rebar profile
– Unit for applying a coat to improve adhesion
– Polymerization chamber
– Water cooling bath for rebar
– Belt-type pulling device
– Cutting device
– Rebar winding machine
– Finished product rack
– Datasheet, User manual

Basic parameters of the line LiteCem ARM
– Working voltage: 380V; 220V/50Hz
– Two-mode energy consumption: warm-up mode -18 kW/hour (20 min), working cycle – 12 kW/hour
– Air consumption: 200 L/hour
– Produced rebar diameters: from 4 to 22 mm
– Linear speed of a pulling device: from 2 to 8 m/min
– Produced rebar length: is set by an operator (1–150 meters)
– Productivity: up to 4800 meters per shift (8–10 hours)

Overall dimensions of the line:
– Length of the line — 22,5 – 26,0 meters
– Width of the line — 3,0 – 6,0 meters
– Recommended height of cells — minimum 3,0 meters

Rated air flow of a ventilation system: 10700 m³/hour

Premises temperature: minimum 18° С

Fiberglass Rebar Application
Fiberglass rebar is vital to build long-term facilities and structures, which won’t be destroyed with corrosion after some time. Nowadays applying this type of rebar is technologically and cost effective decision.

Today, the fiberglass rebar is more popular abroad, since technological innovations are developed and implemented there much faster.

Since the 70’s, Germany, the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Japan have been built a great many dwellings and industrial buildings using different types of fiberglass rebar.
Fiberglass rebar is used in residential construction, underground, road and railway constructions, erecting bridges and industrial buildings, laying utilities.


Countries: Germany, Japan

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