Agility provides CNG products to the Indian vehicle market

Agility Fuel Solutions, a leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and Advantek Fuel Systems, India’s leading provider of natural gas solutions to Indian automotive OEMs, announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic alliance to provide compressed natural gas (CNG) products and services to the Indian commercial vehicle market.

The companies will work together to supply the Indian market with a range of natural gas vehicle solutions, including CNG storage systems for buses and trucks based on Agility’s Type 4 composite CNG cylinders. The two companies together also have the capability to develop and certify natural gas engines for commercial vehicles and to provide vehicle integration and engineering support, installation of natural gas engines and fuel systems, and after-sales service and support.

“This partnership will bring great technology advantages to the Indian market, and will help make CNG the fuel of choice for commercial vehicles,” said Vishal Singhal, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advantek. “We are excited to bring Agility’s market-tested, high-performance, and cost-effective technology to India and to open up more of the transport market to CNG.”

“We are pleased to partner with Advantek,” said Eric Bippus, Agility’s Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing. “Advantek’s longstanding relationships with bus and truck manufacturers and engineering, integration and support capabilities will be key in driving further adoption of CNG in the bus and truck markets.”

What is a type 4 cylinder:

CNG type cylinders

Type 4 cylinders are mainly use for two of their properties, namely:

> Lightweight – Type 4 cylinders offer the lightest weight per unit volume of any CNG cylinder

> Long Service Life – Unlike metal cylinders or type 3 aluminum-lined composite cylinders, type 4 cylinders have a plastic liner that does not experience metal fatigue after repeated fill and discharge cycles


About Agility Fuel Solutions:
Agility Fuel Solutions is a leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Its product offerings include natural gas, hydrogen, and battery electric energy storage and delivery systems, Type 4 composite natural gas cylinders, propane and natural gas fuel systems, and propane dispensers. Agility offers solutions for a variety of vehicle types, including Class 8 trucks, refuse trucks, transit buses, school buses, concrete mixers, and delivery trucks. Agility has been manufacturing and servicing safe and reliable clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicle fleets and OEMs for more than 20 years, logging billions of miles on the road per year.

About Advantek Systems:
Advantek Fuel Systems is dedicated to the development, integration, and supply of advanced high-performance alternate fuel systems for transportation and industrial applications, including compressed and liquefied natural gas and liquid propane solutions. With reliability and safety in the forefront, Advantek has been customising its solutions for over 13 years for the best fit to various markets such as on-road 4-wheelers and 3-wheelers and off-road machines and stationary gensets. Advantek’s customer base includes most of the leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in India. Advantek has one of the largest service networks in India that is making advanced technologies easy to adapt and serve in the field.

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