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A thermoplastic composite with dry run traits

Greene Tweed announces the introduction of WR 650, the newest thermoplastic composite in its wear-resistant (WR) portfolio.

A thermoplastic composite with dry run traits
WR 650 is reinforced with a three-dimensional carbon-fiber architecture, offering enhanced performance over the leading PFA-based material, while maximizing equipment reliability.

WR 650 offers superior dry run capability, good chemical resistance, and an operating temperature
up to 260°C (500°F). Its higher fiber content provides a harder material over a wide range of operating temperatures.

WR 650 offers significant competitive advantages, including:

  • 2.5 times higher PV limit in dry run conditions over the leading PFA-based material
  • Maintains production during upset conditions, particularly during dry runs, increasing MTBR (mean time between repair)
  • A CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) four times lower in the axial direction than the leading
  • PFA-based material
  • A single, reliable material that covers all applications – high temperature, corrosion
  • Rapid product delivery ensures material availability during pump breakdowns

Several refineries, chemical plants, power generation plants, pipelines, and water treatment plants choose Greene Tweed’s composites for their ability to withstand the most challenging applications in the harshest environments.

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