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Shape quadrupled pattern machining capacity

Shape Machining Ltd has quadrupled the capacity of epoxy pattern machining from the same time last year, as a result of recent expansion.

Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “We have had a busy year at Shape and the result is that we have much more pattern machining capacity in place now compared to this time last year.”

Shape added 3 new multi-axis machines, another laser inspection arm and increased machining hours with the creation of a late shift, all since the beginning of the year. A full nightshift is due to start later this year.

McCool added:

“Our customer base is growing strongly, and our existing customers still expect the same high level of service and quality that we have always provided. So I’m delighted we have increased our machining capacity so significantly.”

About Shapes Machining:Shape Machining supplies high quality patterns to all sectors of the carbon composites industry. Shape Machining specialises in machining metallic tools, epoxy tooling block patterns, Rohacell foams and the trimming of carbon fibre parts for the automotive, motorsport and aerospace industry. Shape Engineering offers a full range of design, analysis and project management services to support composite part and tool manufacturing projects. SHAPE Composites supplies thermoset and thermoplastic composite preforms and parts ranging from bespoke autoclave cured carbon parts to larger volumes of hot pressed formed carbon parts. ShapeTex – Optimised carbon fibre preform design & manufacture

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