Vacuum bagging materials for thermoplastic moulding processes up to 427°C

Airtech Advanced Materials Group introduces ultra high temperature vacuum bagging materials for thermoplastic moulding processes up to 427°C

Thermalimide RCBS

Thermalimide RCBS
It is a high performance release film treated on both sides for cure temperatures up to 405°C. Thermalimide RCBS is a release film used during the forming process of thermoplastic materials and other high temperature applications.


  • High temperature resistance film can be used safely at high temperatures
  • Excellent release off cured parts, so film comes off easily and quickly
  • Flexibility for applying pressure over simple contoured shapes.

Fast Tack HT

Fast Tack HT
It is a new generation sealant tape for high temperature applications up to 427°C. It builds tack quickly when applied to Thermalimide. Having good room temperature adhesion to the high temp bagging film reduces the time required to vacuum bag high temperature parts.


  • Easiest to use high temperature tape
  • Adheres well to polyimide films
  • Improved high temperature performance vs legacy products

Airweave UHT 300PGL and Airweave UHT 450PGL

Airweave UHT 300PGL
They are premium non-woven blended, fiberglass breather for ultra high temperature applications. It is safer to use these breathers in place of woven fiberglass breathers. They make an easier transition for the vacuum bag and in any radius. One layer provides good breathing to 427°C. Airweave UHT 300PGL and Airweave UHT 450PGL are designed for use with high temperature thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems.


  • Non-woven breather construction superior to woven fiberglass
  • Ultra high temperature breather for applications such as thermoplastics
  • Maintain vacuum levels at very high temperature

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