AJB to change its capital structure and reorganize into three business units

AJB is a Brazilian Composites Solutions company with an industrial plant in São José dos Pinhais that belongs to the Souza and Jeronimo families.

It has been working for over 20 years in diversified segments (civil construction, agribusiness and windpower) and it is recognized for its technology, flexibility and agility. For six consecutive years it was awarded the Top of Mind for Composites organized by Almaco in Molds category.

Its focus has been the manufacturing of molds and production means, but in 2015 it decided to create an own product division. Another decision was creating a strategic alliance with the company G12 Innovation with the purpose of investing in innovation, new market niches and especially in creating solutions and services that can accelerate the constructive processes. This strategy created new opportunities, including in one of the fastest-growing sales tools in the world, e-commerce. In September, the company become a part of the MadeiraMadeira partners network, one of the largest online sales platform in Brazil. 

All these movements created the need for the organization to gain strength, seek new competences and, especially, reinvent itself. That reinvention starts with the acquisition of participation in the company’s capital structure by French entrepreneur Damien Jaquinet, who has experience in the segments of composites and innovation. Damien was the founder of Nidacore un the United States, an iconic company in manufacturing cores for the sandwich structures.
As of October the market of composites will gain a new organization, with a distinguished business model, organized into three business units:

  • molds
  • own products
  • solutions in composites for third-parties

The new AJB will change its capital structure and its administration model, but will remain its simplicity, transparency and creation capacity.

Companies: ALMACO (Associação Latino-Americana de Materiais Compósitos)

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