Interplastic & Structural Composites partner to promote advanced marine coatings

The companies have formed a partnership to market advanced marine coatings. This product line uses Structural Composites’ CoCure technology bringing the functionality of urethane chemistry to gel coats, allowing a higher performing product with regard to flexibility, weatherability and durability, all critical to the marine industry.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Structural Composites on this venture,” says Harry Certain, Business Manager for Interplastic Corporation. “SC is a leader in the development of composites for the marine industry. The discovery of the CoCure concept provides the marine market the tools to greatly improve boat design, improving performance and lowering overall cost.” 

“Interplastic has taken our CoCure concept and made it a reality for gel coats in the marine market.” Says Scott Lewit, President of SC. “Their expertise in gel coat technology and fundamental understanding of urethane chemistry has allowed a refinement of the product optimizing performance allowing the maximum benefits from the blend. Gel coat is no longer a constraint to superior boat design.” 

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