International brand located the production of agro-substrates in the Russian Federation

A production facility for high-tech stone wool agro-substrates was launched in Tatarstan.

Basalt fiber growing media Grodan is being produced at the Rockwool production complex in the Alabuga SEZ.

Rockwool-Volga, a subsidiary of the Danish company, became a resident of the SEZ in 2012. It supplies non-combustible stone wool insulating material to the market.

The first project implementation success and the analysis of the situation on the Russia’s mineral substrates market for crop production is a basis for the company’s management to take decision to continue investments in Alabuga.

The construction of the Grodan production facility started in 2017, Rockwool invested in the project over 500 million rubles. For the time being, this is the fourth, the most modern production facility that the company has in the world, and the first in Russia.

The cultivation of vegetable, green and flower crops on stone wool substrates is a global trend that is gaining momentum. Even in small spaces, it is possible to ensure yields regularly all year-round, both for domestic consumption and for export.

The Dutch company, recognized as the most innovative global tomato producer in 2015, uses Grodan substrate to grow 15 tomato varieties, consuming minimal amounts of water with almost no waste.

Countries: Russia

Industries: Agriculture, Construction

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