New TechnoNicol factory being built using Teplant sandwich panels

Teplant sandwich panels that contain basalt fiber based insulation are applied to construct this factory.

A new production facility that belongs to TechnoNicol, one of the largest building materials manufacturers, is being constructed on the territory of Alabuga SEZ. The amount of investments in the factory construction is estimated to be about 600 million rubles.

The corporation is one of the leading players in the basalt insulation market and has a total production volume of over 11 million cubic meters per year. However, the Tatarstan factory will produce mounting foams, the market where the company is rapidly increasing its presence.

The project is conducted using sandwich panels produced by Teplant, which supply the market with a line of wall, angle and roof panels that contain the insulation based on Vattarus® basalt fiber.

The main advantage of sandwich panels based on basalt insulation is their sustainability and safety, which Teplant confirms by sanitary and epidemiological certificates. High fire resistance, light weight and sound insulating properties that stone wool offers enable it to be used in the industrial and civil construction.

Alabuga SEZ residents are increasingly launching new production facilities in the Special Economic Zone. Thus, recently, a factory to produce Grodan agro-substrates based on basalt fiber was launched in the territory of the Rockwool production complex.


Companies: TechnoNICOL

Industries: Agriculture, Construction

Terms: Sandwich panels

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