International Composites Congress: poised to start Composites Europe 2018

The 4th edition of the International Composites Congress is supposed to kick off the largest Composite Forum in Europe.

The 4th International Composites Congress is part of the Composites Europe 2018 associated program. It will be held in Stuttgart, starting the day before the trade fair, on November 5-6.

During the Congress that is referred to as “Composites – On the Path to Becoming a Key Industry?” (Wie werden Composites zur Schlüsselindustrie?), global experts are going to share their thoughts and discuss applications, materials, process technologies and market prospects for composite materials.

During the second day a large-scale panel discussion “The Future of Composites in the Construction Sector” will take place, during which the role and capabilities of composites in the growing construction and infrastructure market will be considered.

Composites Europe 2018 will offer its participants and attendees a new interactive format “Process live”, which will enable companies delegates to showcase production technologies “in live”.

Companies: Composites Europe

Industries: Construction, General society

Terms: Exhibition

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