TFP Exhibits Nonwoven Advances at CAMX 2018

At CAMX 2018, Technical Fibre Products (TFP) will highlight how its nonwovens provide a superior surface finish for composites.

TFP’s materials are used in this capacity in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive and sporting goods. On booth K57 in Dallas, US, on 16-18 October, the company will display an example of how its Optiveil range delivered an enhanced finish, as well as improved manufacturing efficiency, in a high performance ice hockey stick manufactured by CCM Hockey. Optiveil features an even fibre distribution that provides a low-tack surface on the uncured parts and a high quality surface finish after moulding. This is one example where TFP’s nonwovens have provided multiple benefits simultaneously.

Also on display will be nano-functionalised nonwovens created on TFP’s commercial nanocoating line in Schenectady, New York, as well as examples of metal-coated nonwovens, thermoplastic veils to increase fracture toughness, and materials that provide effective integrated fire protection for composites. TFP nonwovens offer a variety of other solutions for composites, imparting functionality such as EMI shielding, conductivity and abrasion resistance, whilst also acting as an effective adhesive carrier, resin flow medium or galvanic corrosion barrier.

Companies: Technical Fibre Products

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