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Huge success at SmallSat Conference for CRP USA

At the 32nd edition CRP USA proved the effectiveness of Windform as structural composite materials for space

For the fourth year running CRP USA has exhibited at the Small Satellite Conference Utah amongst the best game-changing innovators in the field of small satellite missions.

CRP USA works alongside key space industry leaders. At SmallSat 2018 CRP USA and their staff have demonstrated the effectiveness of additive manufacturing and the use of Windform XT 2.0 as a structural Carbon-composite material for space applications such as smallsats, since most of the Windform family of high performance materials have passed outgassing tests and are qualify for space applications.

Windform Space Application – KySat 2

Video of Windform Space Application – KySat 2

Stewart Davies, Director of Operations at CRP USA, stated, “We achieved huge success. Among the latest 3D printed space applications we manufactured in Windform, SmallSat attendees have admired a unique CubeSat designed both as a CubeSat and as a dispensing system for two smaller TubeSats”.

“Unlike many technologies originally developed for Aerospace that are then adapted to Motorsports, Windform XT 2.0 is a purely Motorsports drive material”, Davis added.

“Windform was originally developed by CRP USA’s partner CRP Technology based in Modena, Italy, for use in F1 Racing, first in the wind tunnel and then on the track.   We look forward to continuing to produce components for our racing partners, with a material that is both proven on the track and carries an added bonus of Space Flight heritage”.

Next Aerospace and Satellite appointment for CRP USA is based in Mountain View, CA (USA).

CRP USA will be attending Satellite Innovation 2018, the meeting place for Satellite Executives and Professionals. The event will be held from October 9th to October 11th at the Silicon Valley Computer History Museum. Here, leaders of the satellite industry gather to share the latest industry trends and collaborate on new innovative ideas.


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