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China’s Baowu Carbon Materials Technology unveiled

China Baowu Steel Group officially unveiled the new name of its subsidiary dedicated to carbon materials.

China’s Baowu Carbon Materials Technology unveiled

Baptized “Baowu Carbon Materials Technology Co., ltd” (Baowu Carbon), the company aims to become China’s new carbon materials industry leader, developing and transforming from the traditional carbonization industry to a new type of carbon materials industry.

“Following a path of green and high-quality development, Baowu Carbon will drive the innovation and transformation and accelerate the construction of a carbon materials research and engineering center. Meanwhile, Baowu Carbon will merge various resources inside and outside the group, steadily building industry production chains of new materials such as graphite material, carbon fiber material and polyester material, striving to improve competitiveness and become the leader of the new carbon material industry in China”, said the group.

State-run China Baowu Steel Group was formed at the end of 2016, following the merger of China’s Baoshan Iron and Steel (Baosteel) and its smaller debt-laden rival, Wuhan Iron and Steel. The deal has created the world’s second-largest steel producer.

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