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A bio foaming epoxy system

Sicomin, a manufacturer of advanced epoxy systems, to reveal new bio foaming epoxy and exclusive marine partnerships.

Foiler Enata

Bio foaming addition to the GreenPoxy range
Sicomin continues the development of sustainable epoxy resin systems, with bio foaming epoxy, PB 360 GS, the fifth product in the GreenPoxy offering, making Sicomin’s one of the largest ranges of bio-based epoxies on the market. 

Allowing the ‘in situ’ production of a shaped low-density epoxy foam core, the two-part system with 37% bio-based carbon content offers good adhesion to a variety of materials and low water absorption. It is particularly suited to foam cored components with lightweight glass, carbon or natural fibre laminates, for example for sporting goods, paddles and surfboards with complex shaped cores.

Sicomin’s GreenPoxy bio-based epoxy systems have created a wide following and are used in a variety of markets such as marine structures, water and winter board sports, construction and electric vehicles. Earlier this year, the brand was awarded significant industry accreditation, including the USDA Certified Bio-based Product Label and Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Gold Label.

Flying Foilers and AUSV’s
In addition to new product launches, Sicomin announces collaborations with several shipyards, including France-based H2X and UAE-based ENATA.

ENATA (UAE) has developed the Foiler, a carbon/epoxy motor yacht that delivers the comfort of a superyacht along with the performance and handling of a supercar. With a hydro-foiling system the Foiler literally flies 1.5m above the water.

H2X (La Ciotat, France) a long-standing customer of Sicomin, has developed the DriX. A new, internationally patented 8 metre autonomous surface vessel. Made entirely out of composites, DriX has proven offshore navigation capabilities and a top-speed, taking the AUSV role several steps further.

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