Bugatti experiments with basalt composites

Commissioned by Bugatti, the German startup has developed components for the new Chiron model..

The new sports version of the Bugatti Chiron is planned to be released in the amount of only 500 copies, each of which will cost about 3 million Euros.

Alpha Sigma GmbH, based in Zwickau, Germany, designed a number of basalt composite elements and developed the technology to produce a small series.

For the Bugatti project, the startup used about 50 square meters of basalt fabric to reinforce thermosets. Details turned out to be aesthetic, light and durable, withstanding temperatures up to 1200 ˚С.

Bugatti экспериментирует с базальтокомпозитами

“I learned about this material in 2010, and soon realized that this is my future,” – said co-founder of Alpha Sigma Michael Jacob to FreiePresse.

Co-founder of the startup was Fabian Lish, who brought his experience as an economist. Both are graduates of the University of West Saxony, even within the walls of which they worked together on the possibilities of mass production of basalt composite products.

The idea to produce inexpensive and environmentally friendly structural elements from basalt composites led to the decision in 2013 to create a joint business. With the support of the Saxon development Bank, Alpha Sigma was founded in November 2015 and has been growing continuously since then, offering engineering and consulting services in the field of composites production.

Michael Jacob does not focus on the development of basalt composite solutions exclusively for the automotive industry, stating that the possibilities of using basalt fiber are much wider.

It is difficult not to agree with this statement, already knowing about such projects as ecomost of basalt composite, built in the logistics business Park Schiphol (Holland), a line of modern basalt composite prostheses, which produces Coyote Design (USA), and the construction of pontoons of basalt fiber reinforced concrete Swedish company SF Pontona.

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