Intelligent automation to improve composite lay-up and preforming operations

Through extensive experience and innovative technology, Techni-Modul Engineering (TME) introduced intelligent automation to improve the actual composite lay-up and preforming operations. While the latest generation of robot preform cells on the market are able to cut, pick and place, TME introduced a lay-up and preform center able to cut, pick, place and fold woven and UD plies accurately and directly into 3D shapes.

Intelligent automation to improve composite lay-up and preforming operations
Furthermore, an in-house developed control software and algorithm system is implemented by use of camera and manages features such as ply recognition and orientation, material defect detection, fiber orientation checks and tool location.

Moreover, functions such as automated compaction of stacked plies, robotic contour cutting of the preforms for net shape molding and robot sub-preform assembly inside the curing mold are integrated.

These advanced solutions automate the fabrication of complex preforms and improve the quality, repeatability and accuracy while reducing the final cost per part, as needed to meet increasing market demand for aerospace and automotive applications.

By providing supervisory as well as production functionalities, this lay-up and preform center can be adapted to single part or multiple part configurations and for a variety of dry fiber or preimpregnated materials.


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