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4M Carbon Fiber joins the Composite Applications Group

4M Carbon Fiber joined the Composite Applications Group (CAG), a consortium of companies that produce carbon fiber, use fiber in composite parts, deploy advanced CFRP technologies, and utilize composite reinforced plastic (CFRP) parts in products.

4M Carbon Fiber joins the Composite Applications Group
The mission of CAG is to “build relationships between our consortium of creators and the large untapped customer based with limited knowledge and significant interest in developing composite solutions for their changing product needs” says the CAG website. The use of composites is expanding in transportations arenas, marine markets, aerospace, and other areas requiring strong and light materials.

As the carbon fiber and composites industries continue to make rapid technological advancements, there is a great need for research and development organizations, composite and carbon fiber manufacturers, and National Laboratories to come together with end-users and identify the best solutions that match each one’s unique needs and capabilities.

On November 1st, 4M Carbon Fiber officially joined CAG to partner with other organizations and potential customers and has already initiated discussions with CAG members about joint development agreements and business partnerships that provide mutual benefits.

“We are excited to be a part of CAG,” said 4M CEO Rob Klawonn. “We have known Jeff and some of the other CAG members for a long time and realized that we (4M) can both provide and receive significant technological and economic benefit from these partnerships.”

When asked about having 4M as a new partner, Jeff McCay from CAG replied, “We are very excited to align Composite Applications Group with the innovative carbon fiber technology from 4M Carbon Fiber. This technology is a nice addition to CAG and our partner and customer network. We look forward to further working with the team at 4M and being a part of seeing this technology move forward.”

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