A high strength self-tapping composite nut

Asahi Kasei Plastics North America, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and ITW Deltar Fasteners jointly develop high strength self-tapping composite nut to replace metal or polymer ones that currently exist in the market.

A high strength self-tapping composite nut

The award-winning composite nut, which is used in the automotive industry and created with Asahi Kasei’s engineered material “Leona 90G55 PA66”, was identified as top in the Chassis/Hardware category because it has underlined benefits compared to the alternative metal or polymer nuts that currently exist in the market. In this regard, it has – unlike the metal nut that this composite nut replaces – self-healing properties enabling it to maintain sufficient torque and clamp load even after it has been stripped. Additionally, Asahi Kasei’s innovation offers a weight reduction of about one kilo, reduced CO2 footprint and over $9.00 dollars in cost savings per vehicle produced.

“At Asahi Kasei, we always strive to increase the value of our customers’ applications,” said Rob Linker, Sales Account Manager. “Whether it is large components like a Thermylene PP cargo box for trucks or small ones like the composite nut Leona 66+6i – we offer engineering at the highest level”.

“It is great to be in the winning circle at SPE again” said Ramesh Iyer, President of APNA. “This award confirms Asahi Kasei’s corporate guidelines such as creativity and ambition, it motivates us to continue providing innovative plastics and services to our customers.”

The SPE Automotive Innovation Awards Program was launched in 1970 and is considered one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind in the automotive and plastics industries. With this internationally recognized and desirable award, the company honors innovative and pioneering plastics solutions from OEMs, suppliers and polymer manufacturers from all over the world.

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