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The world’s first driverless electric racing car

Roborace autonomous vehicles in Formula-e

Roborace is the world’s first driverless electric race series that takes place on Formula E city street circuits. The car, designed by Daniel Simon, the automotive futurist who creates vehicles for Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters including Tron Legacy and Oblivion, weighs 975kg and measures 4.8m long and 2m wide. It has 4 motors300kW each, 540kW battery, is predominantly made of carbon fibre and will be capable of speeds over 320kph.


From an operational standpoint, the plan is for Roborace to provide the vehicles – know as Robocars – as well as basic artificial intelligence software. Teams will develop this AI as they see fit, effectively creating their own « drivers » to compete in the championship. The idea goes by opening up the AI, each entrant would develop its own on-track style.

Inside Roborace — Episode 7

Video of Inside Roborace — Episode 7

Robocar Autumn Testing | Driverless Racing Car Testing

Video of Robocar Autumn Testing | Driverless Racing Car Testing

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