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Premium Aerotec, Faurecia and Solvay launch thermoplastic composites research consortium with ITA-Augsburg

Premium Aerotec, Faurecia Clean Mobility, and Solvay launch IRG CosiMo (Industry Research Group: Composites for Sustainable Mobility), a private consortium focusing on the development of materials and process technologies that will enable the high volume production of thermoplastic composites for both the aerospace and automotive markets.

Premium Aerotec, Faurecia and Solvay launch thermoplastic composites research consortium with ITA-Augsburg

Through a 3 year commitment, Premium Aerotec, Faurecia Clean Mobility, and Solvay will bring together their expertise, capabilities and resources to hit the R&D milestones set to meet the industry’s growth expectations and offer solutions for sustainable mobility. Composite adoption, industrialization and accelerating automotive and aerospace ramp rates are all key focus areas that will be addressed by the IRG CosiMo consortium.

Premium Aerotec, Faurecia Clean Mobility and ITA Augsburg are also part of an upcoming large project consortium in the Campus Carbon 4.0 program of the Free State of Bavaria, Germany. This public sponsored consortium (CC4.0 CosiMo) is going to develop new materials and processes for in-situ polymerization of Caprolactam to Polyamide 6 for high volume applications in automotive. IRG CosiMo, an extension of this consortium, aims to focus on a wider range of thermoplastic materials and processes. As a partner of IRG CosiMo, the Institute of Textile Technology Augsburg GmbH (ITA Augsburg) will host and project manage the consortium, coordinate the scientific research program and operate the equipment used for processing new materials into tape and web based thermoplastic composites. All machines will be installed in the Technologiezentrum Augsburg (TZA), the core infrastructural element of Augsburg Innovationspark. In collaboration with IRG CosiMo Premium Partners, all installed equipment can also be used by companies interested to benefit from the network. Sharing infrastructure and equipment through open innovation is a highly efficient way to encourage the development of new materials, data driven process controls and robust automated manufacturing processes for serial production, without interrupting industrial plants.

ITA, a unique textile research facility, is focusing on the development of thermoplastic tape- and web based composite systems and will bring a lot of scientific knowledge to the group. ITA Augsburg initiated IRG CosiMo as part of a strategic, branch overlapping approach to push innovation in thermoplastic composites including recycled fiber materials. This unique private consortium allows demand-driven networking with short decision-making processes to maximize customer benefits.

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