Porcher Industries inaugurates new manufacturing site in Zhejiang, China

The inauguration of  ‘Zhejiang Porcher Industries New Material’ marks the opening of a new Porcher Industries site in China and is a clear demonstration of the company’s commitment and confidence in the region, its Chinese partners and the next chapter of growth for Porcher Industries as a global specialist in technical textiles.

The 24,000 sqm site is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, China. The initial focus of its activity is the manufacture of 8 million sqm of material intended for airbag production, applying Porcher Industries’ expertise to driver safety and the automotive developments of the future. Looking ahead, the site, equipped with the most advanced looms and coating machines, automatic control tension systems and weight control coating equipment, plans to offer a broader range of innovative technical textiles and thermoplastic solutions for the aerospace and industrial sectors.

The 50 million USD cash investment, supported by the regional government and local development zone, has helped secure Porcher Industries’ place in one of the most dynamic economies in the world today. Establishing the site brought together many talents from Porcher Industries’ global organisation, testament to the company’s ethos of team work and strong management.

The inauguration was led by André Genton, CEO, Porcher Industries; Peter Bentley, Managing Director, Per-Astra; and Ian Burgess, Managing Director, Warwick Capital. Also in attendance were local officials from Jiaxing Port and Development Zone plus key customers, suppliers and local press.

“Ever since Porcher Industries’ creation in 1912, our group has been combining traditional know-how with a deep culture of innovation,” André Genton explained to the guests. “Driven by our values – quality, ethics and efficiency – we lean on traditional skills and enhance them with new technologies. Indeed, constant innovation is the only way for us to maintain excellence within our processes and materials and contribution to industrial evolutions”. 

In his opening speech, André Genton also referred to the silk weaving traditions in Lyon, the original home of Porcher Industries, and those of China: “This same tradition forms the basis of a fruitful partnership between Lyon and China. This shared experience, along with China’s current economic position poised for a third industrial revolution, will truly boost Porcher Industries’ international reach.” 

Porcher Industries inaugurates new manufacturing site in Zhejiang, China

Ian Burgess, Managing Director of Warwick Capital and investor in Porcher Industries, concluded by thanking the regional government and the development zone for their support and trust throughout. 

“By investing in this site in China, we have secured our place in probably the most dynamic economy in the world today. We start with the production of fabrics for airbags and soon we will follow with a broader range of products to support the aerospace and industrial markets. Our challenge? To design tomorrow’s today, with the ultimate science and technology”.

The speeches were followed by an official ribbon cutting and a traditional Chinese lion dance, symbolizing good luck and fortune.

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