Erika Bernardino Aprá is elected president of Almaco

Erika Bernardino Aprá, 41, is the new president of the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO). She is the first woman to lead the Latin American Composite Materials Association.

Graduated in marketing and journalism, she has held the positions of marketing manager and general manager of Almaco over the last eleven years. Her term will last three years, renewable for three more. She is the first woman to preside over Almaco, entity founded in 1981.

“The choice of an independent executive, which is not linked to a specific company in the composite sector, reinforces the increasingly professional profile of Almaco,” said Erika. Rodrigo Braga (Owens Corning) and Marcelo Aguiar (Tecnofibras) assumed the positions of 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President, respectively.

Disseminating knowledge about composite materials is the focus of the new management. The strategy, observes the president, is based on courses, workshops, technical conferences and in-company training, among other activities.

“It is also worth highlighting the strengthening and expansion of the number of sectoral committees, aiming at the search for new business opportunities for all members of the composite production chain.”

In parallel, the new administration will act intensely as an interlocutor between the associates and government agencies.

“The idea is to respond as broadly as possible to the demands that arise.”

Companies: ALMACO (Associação Latino-Americana de Materiais Compósitos)

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