Indian company Arvind has entered into a joint venture with Polser from Turkey

Lalbhai Group, one of India's most important industrial companies, has decided to cooperate with Polser, Turkey's manufacturer of laminated composite panel. Lalbhai Group's flagship company Arvind and Turkish company Polser will produce flat and corrugated fiberglass sheets together.

60 percent of the new partnership will be owned by Indian Arvind and the rest will belong to Turkish company Polser.

Ashish Kumar, Arvind Materials’ CEO, stated that the Arvind brand in garment industry has grown rapidly in the industrial sector and has taken an important step with the Turkish company Polser in the field of developing modern house construction. In the statement he gave to the Indian Press, stating that the new partnership will start production in the recent time, Kumar said:

“The Manufacturing plant will be set up at Ahmedabad, India. We are aiming to reach revenue of several hundred million dollars in 10 years.

Polser, a member of our association, is operating under Çınar Group. Founded in 1980, the company started to produce glass fiber reinforced plastic transparent corrugated sheets in 1986. Polser, which is one of world’s largest companies in its field and exporting to different geographies ranging from USA to New Zealand, employs 120 people in its manufacturing plant in Izmir.

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