CRP Technology at CNES 2019

CRP Technology will attend two days of meetings, exchanges and round tables organised by CNES (Center National d’études Spatiales ) on Additive Manufacturing with polymers for the aerospace sector (Fabrication Additive de Materiaux Polymers: An incontournable pour le futur du monde aerospatial?).

CRP Technology’s representatives will be presenting the paper: ‘Racetrack to Orbit: an additive revolution with Windform’.

It will be explained how the use of Windform composite materials, originally developed for the Motorsports industry by CRP Technology, is now finding many uses in space exploration.

It will also demonstrate the effectiveness of Additive Manufacturing and the use of Windform as a structural material for space applications.

Highlighted at CNES conference will be the case studies that follow the successful construction and launch of many smallsats.

The speech is set for 2 April, 2.45 PM, within the ‘Materiaux, Machines, and Fabrication’ section.

The event will be also an opportunity to display the most recent applications made in Windform for the avio, UAV , Defense, and space sectors to the representatives of the European aerospace community.

The CNES event will be held 2-3 April at the ENSCBP (École nationale supérieure de chimie et de physique de Bordeaux), University of Bordeaux, France, and it is organised in collaboration with COMETs AIT, STR and MAT, and the Aerospace Vallée.

Companies: CRP Group a unique partner for high-technology

Countries: France

Industries: Aerospace, Defence

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