Huntsman Enhances Benefits and Design Freedom of Core Composites With New PU Resin System

Huntsman Corporation announces the introduction of a new RIMLINE HC+ PU resin system that offers significant benefits for automotive interior vehicle design and efficiency.

Joining the trusted RIMLINE resin technology suite of automotive composites proven solutions, RIMLINE HC+ PU resin system is a two-part product that can be spray-applied to fibreglass reinforced honeycomb panels to form a tough, robust and long-lasting lightweight composite material. Such composites can be used to provide versatile, weight-saving solutions with high strength and rigidity for parcel shelves, trunk load floors, interior panels, etc. Enabling design freedom through its suitability to more complex honeycomb panel shapes, the outstanding performance characteristics of RIMLINE HC+ PU resin system are complemented by superior edge finishing and reproduction of intricate mould details.  

High productivity

Combined with a good adhesion profile and high resistance to temperature, RIMLINE HC+ PU resin system is easy to apply with a long spray time and short cure time, permitting a high number of releases between cleaning cycles with low levels of material waste.  

Leading service and support

RIMLINE HC+ PU resin system can be formulated to produce individually tailored material solutions to meet stringent and often complex project requirements. Huntsman’s technical experts can support automotive designers with differentiated solutions, which capture project requirements and integrate market trends for lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles whilst addressing the need for high quality standards that deliver passenger safety and comfort.  

Irina Bolshakova, Senior Market Manager of Transportation for Huntsman Polyurethanes, commented, “Huntsman continues to develop game-changing solutions that provide design flexibility and increased productivity. RIMLINE HC+ PU resin system is an innovative addition to our already successful portfolio of products, which can be formulated to create customised solutions, which deliver. With industry recognised technical competence that is second to none, customers rely on our trusted technologies, expertise and partnership to help solve the challenges of everyday design.”  

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