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Composite tank for trucks that run on compressed natural gas

Sika Advanced Resins will unveil Ullit’s composite tank for trucks that run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Together with its tailor-made epoxy system designed by Sika Advanced Resins, a specialist in the development and production of high-performance resins, the tank helps to reduce pollution in urban traffic.

Ullit’s composite tank for trucks that run on compressed natural gas

An epoxy laminating system that adapts to different designs
The tank, which contains up to 320 liters is the same size as a conventional diesel fuel tank.

“We have been innovating together for more than 10 years! Sika Advanced Resins has developed a specific resin for our new range of high-pressure tanks. This high-performance resin can be adapted to all design constraints, particularly for our very high-pressure hydrogen tanks, up to 700 bar,” explains Ullit founder and CEO Claude Hembert. 

Sika Advanced Resins has used its expertise to develop a tailor-made resin to withstand the cyclic pressurization loads on the filament-wound tanks. In combination with carbon fiber the resin provides mechanical resistance for different tank shapes including those for vehicles running on natural gas.

“The tank is placed in the same place as a diesel fuel tank and avoids the need for transformations in trucks. In addition Ullit-Sika composites reduce the weight of the tank by a factor of four, a huge benefit when we estimate that one tonne saved on a truck saves four liters of fuel per 100 kilometers in urban traffic,” explains Patrick Noirclerc, Local Expert Composites at Sika Advanced Resins. 

The eco-friendly dimension of natural-gas vehicles
A recent study shows that the use of vehicles running on natural gas rather than diesel or gasoline helps considerably to reduce pollution. For CNG engines the study indicates a 75-90% decrease in fine particles and nitrogen oxides. CO2 emissions are 7-16% lower which reduces the noise of an engine by 50%. 

Resins innovation by Sika Advanced Resins combined to Ullit’s high-pressure tank is supporting this environmental approach. 

Sika Advanced Resins, formulator of tailor-made solutions

“Our Business Unit increases its know-how in the formulation of high-performance epoxy and polyurethane resins. We provide adapted solutions for the specific needs of our customers. With our 11 entities and 6 R&D technical centers worldwide, we develop customized solutions to meet the needs of our industrial customers. We support them at every stage of their products development to bring innovative solutions,” says Patrick Blosse, international sales Director at Sika Advanced Resins. 

A high-pressure composite tank of 62 litres – 700 bar, will be presented at MFTech booth during JEC World 2019.

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