Huntsman partners with Viscotec to enable automatic dispensing of light weight void fillers

Huntsman Advanced Materials has announced it is working with dispensing system provider, ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik to improve productivity for customers working with light weight materials in the aerospace industry.

The collaboration sees its experts partner to facilitate the automatic dispensing of the majority of Huntsman’s void filler portfolio, for the first time. 

The two-component void fillers, which include Araldite 252-1 and Araldite 1641, offer light weighting properties and superior mechanical performance, but have previously had to be applied either manually or in cartridge due to high pressure sensitivities, alongside challenges such as extreme differences in the viscosities of the bases and hardeners. After an extensive two-year testing period, ViscoTec’s static-dynamic mixer vipro-DUOMIX can now be used to achieve the correct mixing ratio, homogenous mixing and non-destructive dosing of the hollow spheres in the syntactics. The equipment has also proven to be fully compatible with products that are inherently designed for meter-mix dispensing, such as Epocast 1648.

John Fraser, Global Strategic Marketing Director, Aerospace, said:

“At Huntsman, we are always trying to advance technology and look for new solutions for the aerospace industry. We regularly conduct customer research in order to understand how we can better support the unmet needs of the industry”

“With OEMs looking to increase aircraft production rates, the entire aerospace value chain is under pressure to boost productivity.”

Laurent Pourcheron, Marketing Manager, Aerospace, explains:

“For void filler end users, this not only means needing products that cure faster, but investing in the automation of previously manual processes”

“The relationship with ViscoTec means that we are now in a position to offer this next level of total support to our customers.”

Franz Kamhuber, Head of Business Development, Aerospace at ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik comments:

“The aerospace industry continues to seek light weighting solutions in a bid to maximize fuel efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs,”

“Our static-dynamic mixer is particularly suitable for compressible materials where the back pressure must be kept as low as possible. The hollow spheres in some of the Huntsman products that we trialled play a crucial role in achieving such low-density void fillers. Preventing compression is essential for precise handling and to maintain the mechanical properties required for aerospace applications.”

Through the partnership, Huntsman and ViscoTec will continue to collaborate on projects for aerospace customers looking for support in moving towards more automated manufacturing processes. Further testing on Huntsman’s extensive product portfolio will also be conducted, with the vipro-DuoMix compatible with other two-component materials including those based on polyether, epoxy resin or polyurethane.

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