Program, simulate, 3D print and mill with Ingersoll machine tools’ additive manufacturing solution

MasterPrint is Ingersoll Machine Tools’ family of additive manufacturing equipment that provides your company with the ability to seamlessly program, simulate, 3D print and mill wide-and-high composite parts in a single piece.

Ingersoll - MasterPrint
MasterPrint has been designed, built and tested in the dedicated development center at the Ingersoll U.S. headquarters in Rockford, Illinois.

In the tradition of Ingersoll’s milling, fiber placement and tape laying machines, MasterPrint differentiates from the competitors’ line-up through core-distinctive features that have made Ingersoll’s products easily recognizable and greatly appreciated by the market:

  • Capacity: large working volumes that allow manufacturing wide-and-high parts in a single piece;
  • Hybrid system: multiple modules (printing, milling, fiber placing, tape laying, inspecting, trimming) exchanged with and handled by a single positioner, gantry or robotic;
  • Siemens 840D: the standard control for the manufacturing industry, well known by all your operators and maintenance crews;
  • Seamless programming environment: a unique SW suite to seamlessly program and simulate all manufacturing operations and modules.
  • Flexibility: print the material that best serves your needs: ABS, PSU, PPSU … starting from simple pallets.
  • Safety and Ergonomics: no large enclosures, but open-air printing with Ingersoll’s application of localized high-temp heat and effective fume management.

MasterPrint is aimed both at the fast prototyping and durable tools manufacturing needs of the aerospace and naval sectors, but can serve a wider market wherever printing cheaply, quickly, reliably wide-and-high parts is required.

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