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Inflatable surfboard made of carbon fiber thermoplastic composites

Air Core Composite products are lightweight, rigid panels and structures that can be deflated, rolled, or folded into small packages and are rapidly deployable when inflated.

They use thin layers of carbon fiber in a thermoplastic polymer matrix which deliver enhanced integrity and higher flexural modulus properties to any inflatable structure.

The use of Air Core Composite technology increases the stiffness of inflatable panels by over 350% and tubular beams by up to 500%. Testing data is courtesy of the United States Office of Naval Research, Naval Underwater Warfare Center.

Air Core Composite technology

Air Core Composite is a carbon fiber reinforced laminate using a base material of TenCate’s Cetex TC940 (PET) which is a continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite (CFRT). These laminates can be thermally bonded to polymer-coated inflatable membranes and customized for any use by optimizing the layup schedule for stress or load requirements for any deployable, portable structure. The enhanced rigidity offers dramatically improved performance, stowed package size reduction, faster deployability and structural attachment points. 


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