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Mitsui Chemicals unveils the “hour's Pod” concept car

Mitsui Chemicals has collaborated with ARRK Corp. (Osaka, Japan; President: Tae Ho Kim), a global development assistance company, to produce the hour's Pod, a concept car that suggests new ways to spend one's time in a future with widespread autonomous driving.

Outfitted with an array of new materials and technologies from the Mitsui Chemicals Group, hour’s Pod offers a new value proposition for the mobility environment, time and space. A dedicated website provides detailed information on the exhibit.

Self-driving vehicles will usher in a more diverse range of ways to enjoy time and space while traveling. “hour’s Pod” creates new value for the transportation environment by combining multiple refined materials. The technological capabilities of Mitsui Chemicals make the concept possible.

Tsutomu Tannowa, President & CEO, Mitsui Chemicals

Tsutomu Tannowa, President & CEO, Mitsui Chemicals said:
“We leveraged the technological synergies of  both  companies,  producing  a  mock-up  to  use  for  exhibition.  In  creating the “hour’s POD” concept car, we’ve marketed the potential for a range of auto parts to switch over to resin.The  hour’s  POD  serves  to  market  the  potential  uses  of  thermoplastic UD tape that has gone through various production methods; lightweighting by way of the polymetac technology for metal–resin integration; and new concept seats that contribute to comfort, among other things”

Behind the concept car:
> Tafnew CF/PP (UD Winding Tape & UD Winding Tube)
Tafnex CF/PP is an unidirectional tape (UD tape) composed of carbon fiber and polypropylene(PP).It is mounted as frames and flooring on the concept model car. The material has excellent properties like light weight, impact resistance, water resistance, recyclability and high processability.

> Nostra
Nostra is an ultraviolet light- (UV-) hardened coating developed using proprietary Mitsui Chemicals technology that resists fogging up and getting dirty. It is mounted on the surface of the window of the concept model car. The material has been given excellent dirt resistance, anti-fogging properties, easy washability, abrasion resistance, anti-static properties and fast-drying properties.

> Fortimo
Fortimo is a polyurethane elastomer created from novel isocyanate. It is mounted as cushion material of the seat and table of the concept model car. This material achieves elasticity, heat resistance and light stability.

> Fortimo & C
This high-quality tactile material “Fortimo & C” was created with real carbon and Fortimo. It is mounted on the surface of the seat and table of the concept model car. Its pleasant texture was designed for a user’s sensory experience and value with keeping high functionality such as durability, impact resistance and high elasticity.

Mitsui Chemicals unveils the “hour's Pod” concept car


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