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CFK Valley and Carbon Composites to merge into Composites United

The development of the two associations CFK Valley and Carbon Composites reflects the interest of companies and research institutions in fiber composite technology. Both nationally and internationally, networking is becoming more and more important and there is a lively exchange on technical issues.

The orientation towards different industries and the existing synergy effects resulting from the history of the two associations have made it clear to the representatives and members of the two associations that a merger makes economic sense and is politically desirable.

Collaboration on the coordination of content on topics such as trade fair and event appearances or training and further education has already taken place. This year’s Composite Convention on the topic “Future Factory for Composites” with partner country USA is already being jointly organized by CFK Valley and Carbon Composites.

The merger, which was decided unanimously and without dissenting votes by the two General Meetings on 28 February 2019, creates a network for fiber-based multi-material lightweight construction named Composites United. It has around 400 members and international representations in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, China and India. The new association will be based in Berlin, the previous locations Augsburg and Stade will be retained and will be responsible for the technical leadership of the association.

Companies: Composites United e.V., CU Nord

Countries: China, Japan, South Korea

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