Plataine launches MAT version 4.0 software

Manufacturing optimization software provider Plataine launches its IoT and ai-based material and asset tracker v4.0.

Plataine has built on its experience, using customer feedback, to design a cutting-edge manufacturing optimization software delivering unprecedented outcomes in material & tool utilization, productivity, throughput and quality.

Version 4.0’s innovative microservices architecture structures the software as a suite of modular services, with each module supporting a specific business goal. The system uses Amazon’s robust Web Services platform and benefits from Amazon’s full suite of cloud services and strong security infrastructure. Both Plataine and AWS offer FedRAMP and ITAR compliant solutions that meet regulatory requirements of government and defense projects.

The new release offers expanded support for the entire manufacturing supply chain, where OEMs and suppliers can collaborate on a single platform for integrated visibility of manufacturing status and traceability.

As part of the new version 4.0, new analytical algorithms have been introduced to the system, analyzing large-scale databases and driving alerts and recommendations.

“We are proud to launch our most advanced software to date. MAT 4.0 will radically improve the throughput, material utilization, productivity and quality control allowing advanced manufacturers to step into the Digital Factory era”, Says Avner Ben-Bassat, CEO and President of Plataine. “With vast experience and successful IIoT deployments, Plataine has now further raised the bar for implementing Industrial IoT and Digital Manufacturing.”

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