VAC-Perf A2400, a release film for the wind industry

Solvay announces the launch of VAC-PERF A2400, its next-generation high performance release film for wind energy applications.

VAC-PERF A2400’s compatibility with a wide range of resin systems from polyesters to next-gen epoxies, combined with high release properties makes it a true alternative to legacy release films which have now reached their performance limits.

VAC-PERF A2400 offers clear benefits to users including:

  • Maximized release properties – reduces tool cleaning operations.
  • Simplified peeling off process – saves time and cost.
  • Clean laminate – good surface finish without costly rework.
  • Usage flexibility – can be used for resin infusion and prepreg cures.
  • Simplified inventory – one peel ply for a range of resins and applications.
  • Available in width of up to 2 meters – lowers kitting costs with a 20% reduced assembly time capability.

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