Nouryon organic peroxide powder helps composite makers meet new safety codes

Nouryon has introduced a powder version of its Perkadox 16 (BCHPC) organic peroxide which will allow customers in the North American composites market to safely store larger volumes of product while meeting the latest fire safety standards.

The new version, Perkadox 16 GB-70, is targeted at processes including cured-in-place pipe – where a new pipe is manufactured inside an existing damaged line – and pultrusion, used to make hardgoods, such as window frames, ladders, and other closed-mold applications.

Ross Opsahl, Business Development Manager Polymer Chemistry at Nouryon said:

“Perkadox 16 GB-70 was developed with the latest US regulatory requirements in mind, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Class II rating. It is a stabilized peroxide powder that easily dissolves in styrene or resin, allowing our distributors and customers to safely store up to 10 times more product, while improving operational efficiency and ease of handling.” 

Johan Landfors, Managing Director Polymer Chemistry at Nouryon, added:

“We have a deep understanding of organic peroxide chemistry and are committed to producing safer and more sustainable products. This innovation underpins our focus on driving higher standards to satisfy our customers’ needs in today’s evolving market landscape.” 

Nouryon also expanded its peroxides offering in North America with the launch of its butanox-branded product line of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP); a version of its butanox M-50 vanishing red peroxide; and emulsion-based organic peroxides for the PVC market.

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