Nine-blade prop starts flight testing

According to MT-Popeller, this the first 9 bladed prop in the world. It started the flight test program and initial results are good.

Nine-blade prop starts flight testing
Function, handling and operation on the aircraft is like those props have been in service already for years.

This new development for low noise, high performance future airplanes driven by electric powered engines, turbine engines or geared piston engines for propellers with low RPM.

Depending on propeller driven airplane designs, top speeds of up to 430 KTAS are realizable with such a installation, by reducing at the same time the fuel consumption to a turbo prop from a jet.

MT-Propeller proves with this milestone that the innovation in propeller driven airplanes is just at the beginning.

Flying a Jet comfort airplane powered with props combined with the lowest fuel consumption becomes a near future. 

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