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JPA Design and Williams Advanced Engineering debut F1-inspired aircraft interior products

Williams Advanced Engineering and JPA Design have joined together to unveil a Formula One-inspired, world class design for aircraft interiors.

JPA Design and Williams Advanced Engineering debut F1-inspired aircraft interior products

The collaboration between the two companies aims to revolutionise future aircraft interiors to deliver an enhanced passenger experience and supplement the investment of airlines in new, lighter, more efficient aircraft resulting in reduced weight and more efficient interiors to benefit their bottom lines still further. Combining JPA Design’s expertise in cabin design and layout with lightweight materials from Williams, the proposal to airlines makes greater use of space, enhancing passenger comfort and maximising revenue.

Ben Orson, Managing Director of JPA Design London and Stu Olden, Senior Commercial Manager of Williams Advanced Engineering presented the approach at the Passenger Experience Conference in Hamburg, Germany.

The stand showcases a composite seat structure made using proprietary materials processes and expertise by Williams to suit the innovative aircraft interiors layouts made possible by JPA Design.

Craig Wilson, Managing Director of Williams Advanced Engineering, said:

“Our motorsport heritage has given us significant expertise in the innovative use of lightweight materials and rapid product development to deliver enhanced benefits to passengers and airlines alike. The maximisation of available space and the use of lightweight materials to do more in the same amount of space on an aircraft is at the heart of the work we do commercialising Formula One-derived technology. Today is an exciting day in Hamburg as we reveal more details of our work creating a world leading capability in the UK with JPA Design.”

The two companies believe that there is still great potential to make a step-change in cabin layout, passenger comfort, fuel-saving and carbon emission reductions, compared to existing, traditional approaches, through the application of new interior design and lightweight materials. This partnership looks to capitalise on this potential through using proprietary technologies from both parties to save weight, whilst increasing comfort and space.

James Park, Founder and Principal of JPA Design, said:

“In spite of all the brilliant innovations that we have seen introduced onboard commercial aircraft over the last 20 years, innovations such as lie flat beds and fully integrated amenities, it has nonetheless taken a remarkably long time for the acceptance of new materials and new engineering methodologies to be adopted in the aircraft interiors industry. Recognising this point, we have joined together with Williams Advanced Engineering and their Formula One-derived technology with the intent of bringing greater improvements to on-board products. We are now more optimistic than ever that these radical new solutions that we are currently developing will soon become available for the benefit of both passengers and airlines.”

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