FCI completes one year of release agent manufacture in Brazil

Subsdiary in Latin America of the English company Marbocote, Florence Chemical Industry (FCI) completes one year of semi-permanent release agentes manufacture in Brazil, products mainly used in composites, rubber and pneumatic molding. Located in Barueri (São Paulo), FCI's production unit has an installed capacity of 2 million liters/year, a potential that should be increased by the end of 2019, predicts Ana Clara Cordeiro, company's sales director.

Ana Clara Cordeiro said:

“We built a structure that allows our production volume to double very quickly. With the expansion of sales to the rubber and composites segments, plus the soon entry into the areas of friction and polyurethane, everything indicates that we will expand our capacity in the coming months”

In all, FCI manufactures 40 types of semi-permanent release agents, all of which are free of silicone – in applications in the rubber market, for example, silicone normally present in the release agents makes it difficult to stick to the parts.

“Marbocote W3010, water-based release agent for rubber that is the worldwide leader in sales, is part of the list of products we manufacture locally.” 

Brazilian production also allows FCI to customize the semi-permanent release agents according to certain process conditions presented by their customers.

“We have invested in the construction of a state-of-the-art laboratory structure, which gives us full support so that we can adjust the release agents according to the needs presented.”

In addition, the Barueri unit allows FCI to develop its own formulations, in the case of the Ycon line. It consists of a wide range for surface treatment, from semi-permanent release agents and coatings to chemical barrier and adhesion promoters for substrates of different expansion coefficients .

South America
FCI’s operation in Brazil also serves as a platform for the company’s advancement throughout South America. 

Ana Clara concludes:

“For now, we have already accredited a distributor in Argentina, dedicated to serving the composites market, and in Peru, which focuses on the rubber one. But this is just the beginning.”

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