Aerospace component supplier optimizes production with Plataine’s industrial IoT solution

A major supplier of composite aerospace components has announced improvement in efficiency, quality control and throughput by using Plataine’s Industrial IoT solutions for digital manufacturing. The company, a major supplier for commercial programs, aspired to upgrade its systems thanks to significant, continuous growth.

The Plataine solution enabled the supplier to meet its manufacturing objectives and delivered significant material savings. Additionally, its fast and smooth implementation process involved zero downtime at the manufacturer’s busy production lines.

The AI and Industrial IoT solution from Plataine has been used to fully automate and optimize the company’s composites cutting & kitting, nesting, cut-plan generation and reporting processes. Plataine’s Digital Transformation software constantly collects data from the customer’s enterprise systems, on-hand inventory and from machines. All data collected is analyzed in real-time by AIbased Digital Assistants offering actionable insights and recommendations to shop floor staff, allowing them to select the best material for the job, improve efficiencies and react to problems and re-cuts in real-time.

The Plataine solution tracks all processes and work orders, while taking operational and managerial constraints into account, reducing manual processes and eliminating paper-based reporting. All data is logged to form a Digital Thread – ensuring every component can be traced through every stage of production, from raw material to end product.

2-3% in material savings were recorded on top of the automation and overall increase in operational efficiencies. The real-time, automated reporting enabled by the Digital Thread ensures management always has the full picture for both operational and audit needs and are ready to respond in realtime to sudden changes in design and production scheduling.

The Director of Production Support says:

“Plataine transformed our processes, helping us to meet our growth targets. Given our busy production schedule, it was beneficial to us that the implementation process was extremely fast and smooth with zero downtime. The initial data collection process, in which we reached full agreement with Plataine on all inputs and outputs, lasted just one week, after which we were able to implement the system in three simple phases to achieve a controlled transition.”

Avner Ben-Bassat, President and CEO of Plataine adds:

“The Aerospace industry is fast moving and ultra-competitive. For composites parts manufacturers to keep up, they must be highly flexible to meet rapidly changing market needs, must constantly work to improve production efficiency, and be able to meet ever-tightening quality standards. Plataine’s Industrial IoT and AI-based optimization technologies deliver a true digital transformation. We are proud to be at the front of the 4th industrial revolution – turning aerospace component production facilities into smart digital factories.”

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