Haeco Americas launches standalone composite repair station in US

Haeco Group announces that it is expanding its composite services business from Jinjiang, China, to North America. Located within Haeco Americas, in Greensboro, North Carolina, the new facility will include full composite shop capabilities.

Haeco Americas has been offering composite repair services since 1998. Due to growing demand and past success, the new composite shop will be a standalone Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Repair Station.  

Bill Collins, President of Airframe Services of Haeco Americas, said

“For decades, Haeco has been providing this value-add service to our customers as part of our normal maintenance, repair and overhaul capacity. Often, we could perform high-quality in-house repairs faster and at a lower cost to our customers than through a third party. This expansion comes as a natural progression – as we always listen to our customers’ needs and value the trust they place in our partnership.”

The company’s engineering expertise and workmanship combined with extensive rotable inventories facilitate restoration and maintenance of complex composite structures. Core competencies of the 60,000-square-foot operation include bonding, non-destructive testing, sheet metal fabrication, machining, welding (TIG/MIG) and tooling/hydraulics. Haeco Composite Services’ capabilities will include nacelle systems, airframe components and radomes. The composite shop is seeking European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) accreditation in addition to its FAA certification, and is an example of Haeco Group’s investment in building its service offering to meet future demand.

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