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Output shafts made of fiber composites

Filament Winding Specialist Dynexa has developed an output shaft concept with shaft tubes made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics and has made this a direct comparison to its metallic competitors.

In vehicle tests, the prototypes dimensioned and manufactured by Dynexa were subjected to the toughest tests. The results and findings obtained made the audience sit up and take notice.

  • Installation space: Due to the mandatory suspension travel of the bike, installation space was available in sufficient form. This favored a dimensioning and design of the new Dynexa product “Composite Output Shaft” suitable for fiber composites.
  • Torque transmission: The output shafts from Dynexa in the vehicle were also convincing here and were in no way inferior to the metal competition in the transmission of up to 3000 Nm.
  • Vibration behavior at speed: Speed behavior and vibration behavior in torsional and bending direction proved to be good-natured and problem-free.
  • Weight: The elimination of the vibration absorbers, which are absolutely necessary for metal competition, contributed to the weight saving: they did not have to be “dragged along” by the Dynexa shafts as additional weights. If the perfectly suitable Dynexa interference fit is used to transmit torque from both joint elements to the fiber composite shaft tube, a metallic hub overlaps both fiber composite tube ends inside. The joint pressures required for torque transmission there place additional stress on the components in comparison with the generally welded solid metal solution and require a local support ring overlapping the outer diameter of the pipe. Despite these additional components required in comparison to solid metal technology and the relatively short carbon-fiber-reinforced shaft tube with a diameter of approx. 250 mm, a weight saving of 20 to 25% compared to the steel solution could be achieved, among other things by using the integral carbon-fiber support rings used by Dynexa.

Output shafts made of fiber composites

In the course of the electrification of vehicles there are different engine concepts and variants for power transmission. However, the limitation of range in comparison to classic vehicles with combustion engines still poses a great challenge. In addition to the performance capacity of the battery storage cells, a vehicle weight that is as low as possible is the largest adjusting screw for the urgently required range improvement. Which drive concepts will prevail in the future is still uncertain. One thing is certain, however: with the help of the new lightweight output shafts, Dynexa will and can make a contribution to the global mobility future even in the short term.

Output shafts made of fiber composites

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