Alpex and HRC set up a joint venture in China

Austria’s Alpex Technologies and China’s Hengrui Corporation set up a joint venture. The new company, Jiangsu Alpex Technology is committed to provide innovative tooling services, especially for mass production of carbon fiber composites for customers from various industries.

Mr. Michael Mair, General Manager of Alpex China, said:

“As encouraged by the surging demands over the past few years, considering the huge potential and high recognition of composite application in China, we have become ever more confident in the Asian market. The final decision of the investment comes after a long period of business discussions with HRC, with topics concerning prospects of mutual target markets and recognition of the corporate culture of both parties.”

He specifies:

“In recent years, HRC focuses on providing whole solution of CFRP part for domestic and overseas auto and aviation manufacturers. The demand for composite tooling solutions is becoming more and more complex. The technical characteristics of Alpex’s systematization, flexibility and individualization coincide with HRC’s demands. The establishment of the new joint venture will also benefit both in complementing each other’s strengths, strengthening the alliance, optimizing resource allocation and providing more convenient service for our target customers.” 

With this move, Alpex, a global manufacturer of tooling systems for producing aerospace and automotive composite components, has officially entered China market. It will provide professional composite tooling services to nearby customers in Asia by setting up a factory in Changshu city, Jiangsu Province. The establishment of the plant also indicates that Alpex’s professional services of composite tooling has officially covered the 3 most active area of composite industry, which are Europe, North America and Northeast Asia.

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